Kim and Phil have been dubbed the "Angels of Manchester" for this act of heroism.

A couple has been dubbed the “Angels of Manchester” after comforting a badly injured 14-year-old girl in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Monday evening.

Kim and Phil Dick had traveled from nearby Bradford to collect their daughter and granddaughter from the Ariana Grande concert and were waiting in the foyer of Manchester Stadium when they were knocked off their feet when the bomb went off just nine metres from them.

Miraculously, neither were injured but many around them were, including a blonde teenage girl bleeding profusely on the floor in front of them.

“My wife just grabbed her and dragged her out of the door and onto the concourse. She supported her head … and we tried to help her as best we could,” Phil told The Guardian.

Concert-goers in the aftermath of the attack. Source: Getty

He left the girl with his wife before entering the stadium to find his daughter Tamla and 15-year-old granddaughter, Sasha, who he eventually managed to reach on the phone.


Meanwhile, Kim was desperately trying to keep the unknown girl - who had broken arms and blood streaming from shrapnel injuries in her shoulders, legs, and face - from losing consciousness.

"A plastic bag had melted in her hair, blood was coming out of her mouth and shoulder," she told The Sun.

"I grabbed her and she was a puppet... I put her down and blood was coming out her mouth."

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The mother-of-three held the girl up, talking to her and asking her simple questions like her name.

Every time she tried to move her, she would scream in pain.

“She asked me if she was going to be OK and I said you are," Kim told The Guardian.

"Her eyes were staring ahead."

Kim and Phil Dick. Source: Facebook

Eventually, Dick returned and they found out the girl's phone number and organised to meet her father outside the stadium.

After handing her over to loved ones, the couple went to find their own.

But their act of kindness did not go unnoticed and later they received a text message from the girl's sister, which read:

"Thank you so much for caring for my sister. We cannot thank you enough or say how grateful we are that you were there with her. Thank you so much again. We don’t know where we would be without her. We cannot thank you enough."

The teenager is set to make a full recovery.

If you'd like to support the victims of the attack and their families, you can donate to the Manchester attack victims fund here.