The internet is losing it over a man's reaction as he witnesses childbirth.

Another day, another viral video sending the internet into meltdown.

Childbirth is nothing short of a miracle. Women describe their childbirth experiences as empowering, liberating, beautiful, the ‘best day of their lives’, but amongst all the glory of bringing another life into the world, we sometimes forget that labour can be a little… icky. And from the look on this guy’s face, he also forgot that giving birth is mermerising, kind of horrifying and a little bit gross at the same time.

Naturally, the internet can’t get enough of his priceless reaction.

Aired during an episode of the Netherland’s Four Hands On A Belly (Vier Handen Op Eén Buik), 17-year-old Quintana gives birth whilst her meant-to-be supportive boyfriend Dalo confines himself to the corner to watch on in horror from what he deems a safe distance.

He clearly had no idea what he was in for.

The video has already racked up nearly four million views.

Don’t worry Dalo, we’ve all been there. I remember when I first learnt where babies came from.

Just for a kind of strange twist, after a paternity test, it was revealed at the end of the episode that Dalo was not the father.

Poor Dalo, he just can’t catch a break.

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