He was told he was too fat to dance. Now the world is throwing him a dance party.

This could possibly be the most heart-warming story you’ll hear today.



More celebrities have come on board to show their support for the now-famous dancing man. First, Pharrell and Moby came on board and now big names like Susan Sarandon have used Twitter to let the dancing man know he should never be ashamed to dance.

Keep on dancing, dancing man. Don’t let anybody steal your rhythm.

Mamamia previously wrote… 

This week, the internet was used to cruelly shame a man – but it was also how that same man was found by a group of kind fans who are now organising a wonderful gift for him.

The storybegan when a 4Chan user posted a series of pictures of an unnamed man dancing.

Man caught dancing. Gets embarrassed :(

The caption read, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”


This majestic man, seen having a jolly good time, is stopped in his tracks by a bunch of Grade A As*holes.

And it turned out that everyone agreed that these jerks were out of line.


One user was so appalled by the situation, she launched a Twitter campaign under her account Cassandra Rules to #FindDancingMan. She, along with a host of other Twitter users from California, wanted to dance with #DancingMan.

So they sent him this request.

Via @cassandrarules.

So imagine the Twitterverse’s surprise when THEY FOUND HIM.

The #DancingMan made a Twitter account just to connect with his fan-base and Cassandra, aptly named @dancingmanfound. He then posted this pic to prove his identity.

The one and only!

The man in question, who has only been identified as Sean from London, accepted the dance request and is due to meet his fans in Los Angeles for the ultimate dance off.

And now it seems that celebrities want in on the action.

Pharrell and Moby are going to play at the dance party.

This is going to be the BEST event of the year. Forget Burning Man 2015, it’s #DancingMan2015.

(And he’s pretty grateful for the support too!)

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