Dear guys: We don't need you to tell us it hurts to be a woman.

A man has helpfully pointed that wearing high heels is actually quite painful. Cheers for that.

Another day, another man ‘proving’ how painful it is to be a woman.

A new video doing the rounds of the interwebs shows a man donning stilettos to find out just what a pain they are.

The video, created by the suss-sounding website “Bro Bible,” shows a stiletto-clad man tottering around in pain while dropping quips like “well, now I see the importance of parking near the exit.” Ultimately, he aborts the experiment early, citing “way too much pain” and likening his heels heels to “Chinese foot-binding“.

The stunt is the latest in a line of social experiments in which men record aspects of “women’s lives”, with ostensibly hilarious results. So far, instalments of this type include: Men simulating childbirth. Men simulating pregnancy. Men dealing with period pain. Men getting brazilian waxes. Men getting made-up.

A new video doing the rounds of the interwebs shows a man donning stilettos to find out just what a pain they are. (Screenshot via BroBible/YouTube)

You get the idea.

Presumably, viewers of these videos are expected to titter at the hilarity of a man displaying less than Christian-Grey levels of traditional masculinity (Because a man who’s not macho is hilarious, amirite?)

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Or maybe laydee viewers are supposed to double over in appreciative laughter while these big, strong men admit defeat (before, possibly,  patting them on the back for their empathetic sensitibilites in volunteering for such painful experiments in the first place.)

Post continues after video:

Indeed, the latest video has more than 660,000 YouTube hits already — so there’s some sort of mystical appeal to them.

“The whole mockery of women’s experiences under the guise of being “cute” just trivialises women’s lives.”

Well, I’m cringing instead.

Because there’s something both irksome and lame about men having so-called “women’s experiences” and proclaiming that yes, they are indeed difficult. It’s as if it takes a “bro” to legitimise what we’ve been saying forever. As if they couldn’t just take our word for it that, yeah, heels and childbirth and period pain hurts — because really, if big tough men find it hard then IT MUST BE ACTUALLY HARD.

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And the whole mockery of women’s experiences under the guise of being “cute”?  It trivialises women’s lives and reduces their experiences to hilarious frippery. Especially when the experiments are peppered with throwaways like “girls are kind of like pissy and in bitchy moods, and I completely get it right now!”

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Perhaps I’m expecting too much from a site called Bro Bible, but are those kind of dime-a-dozen stereotypes really considered comedic?

Do we really need men to keep proving childbirth and gender roles suck for women, or can maybe, just possibly, we give the tired, old, haha-I’m-pretending-to-have-a-vagina-schtick a rest?

C’mon now, bros. It’s time to put down the camera.

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