Man tries online dating as a woman. Immediately sees why women hate online dating.

At 36 years old, funny man and singleton Sy Thomas was having no success on dating apps.

Sy is frustrated. Sy is upset.  Time and time again he reaches out to women, only to receive no response. Why aren’t these women replying? Is he not hot enough? Does his personality suck? WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH HIM?!

In an effort to get to the bottom of his conundrum Sy decided to pose as a woman, create a fake account under the name ‘Simone’, and to learn the tricks of the trade from the smoooooth Tinder men who seem to be having more success with the lay-deez.

man online dating woman youtube
And we gotta say it, Sy is a very pretty Simone. (Image via YouTube: What If?)

And it all went to plan… until it didn’t.

While Sy expected to learn some of the best pickup lines going around, all he really got was exactly what most women on Tinder experience: Sleazy, gross, slimy advances from sleazy, gross, slimy men.


Sy received in excess of 400 messages in the space of three days and was gobsmacked by the overwhelmingly base standard of most messages.

Some included: “If you were a washing machine, I’d put my dirty load inside you” and “You look like trash”.

And of course there were the standard “Dreaming about smelling your feet” kind of messages just to mix things up and keep Sy/Simone on his/her toes.

man as woman 1 edit youtube
What. A. Dream. Boat. (Image via YouTube: What If?)

Sy walked away from the ordeal with a newfound appreciation for what women go through in the dating world, pointing out to his fans the online space is almost entirely devoid of standard etiquette.

“A lot of these opening messages… you’d never say that to someone in a bar!” So why is it okay over a dating app?”

“The best messages were the ones that were genuine and nice, and those are the ones that hit home,” Sy reflected. “I think that’s what I’m going to be more like when I’m doing online dating.”

Bless you Sy! We’re happy to hear that.

You can watch the video in full below:

What has your experience on Tinder been like?