The world has gone wild for the romantic boyfriend who thanked his girlfriend's rotten ex.

Ever thanked your partner’s ex?

Maybe you found a shirt they bought that makes your partner look a million bucks, maybe they’re the reason your partner roll out of bed and into boot camp, or that two years of passive aggression has finally stopped them chewing with their mouth open.

Well, a man has thanked his girlfriend’s ex for leaving her and it has gone viral.

The love-locked lad whose name is yet to be confirmed, supplied an image of him and his girlfriend to the Facebook page Love What Matters.

He then captioned it with a letter addressed to ‘the man who let her go’.

The post begins with the unexpected starter, ‘thank you’, before launching into all the reasons he cherishes his woman.

“I will do all the things you failed… to do for her like be there for her when she feels so alone, prioritise her and not make her feel like she is just an option, listen to her stories, rants and complaints no matter how bizarre or cliche they might be.” He said.

The post has over 42, 000 likes, 8900 shares and almost 2000 comments.

The comment section has become a beast in itself with users either loving, lauding or lampooning the man or indeed, each other, for their posts.

“Seems creepy like she’s a possession without any free will or agency, just there for a man to take or leave, hold on to or let go.” one commenter wrote.

“NO, NO, NO! He wants to “…really KEEP her?!” He wants to listen to her BIZARRE rants and raves that are cliche?! “I will do anything to KEEP her and MAKE her stay?!” Does anyone else see how demeaning such language and behavior is to women?! I don’t care how poorly you were treated in a former relationship, entering a relationship where a man has this mindset will not help. Learn to love, value and respect yourself first, then find a relationship in which you are not dependent on someone else for validation of yourself-a relationship of equality and mutual respect!!! Jeez!” Another wrote.

Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t drift apart. This is also how I image this couple sleeps too.

“I hate to say this but one man’s “trash” is another’s treasure. You just gotta be with the right one because only the right one brings out the best in you. Her ex was probably toxic to begin with,” a commenter wrote.

The top comment defends the man for his decision to post publicly.

“No I don’t think this is a competition. I think he looks at her and thanks his lucky stars that the guy that walked out did so he can cherish her and treat her the way she deserved to be treated in the first place. He’s JUST SAYIN’,” she wrote.

The post has even spilled over into Twitter with users taking screenshots of the FB image in order to voice their opinions.

The post may not sit well with everyone in terms of how it was written or the words used but the core idea behind it – loving your partner and being grateful and appreciative of their place in your life, is something we can all believe in.

Do you remember the moment you knew your partner was ‘the one’? We do.