Man tells woman, "You really need to f***ing lose weight." Woman's response is perfection.

Christina was told she needed to lose weight. Her response? Excellent.

Christina Topacio is a blogger and marketing professional based in Los Angeles, USA.

She is gorgeous, creative, and judging by her website, has some pretty great style.

These are all qualities noticed by a certain male in her online community. As Topacio notes, she had never met this man in person before. But that didn’t stop him from letting her know EXACTLY how he felt about her.

“… you are so beautiful,” he said. “Your personality is so hilarious. I can tell youre witty. I can tell your smart. I can tell your just pure fun and comedy.” Spelling and grammar aside, a lovely sentiment.

“I would seriously consider dating you.”

How flattering. How sweet. A gentleman caller reaching out via the interwebz, out of the blue, just to tell you how wonderful you are.

Hah! Just kidding.

Suddenly, the suitor’s tone shifts, becoming somewhat less charming gentleman and a whole lot more, how can I put this- GIANT PRICK.

“It f*cking kills me to says this… You really need to f*cking lose weight. It kills me.”

Excuse me? EXCUSE. ME.


Somehow (God only KNOWS how), Topacio managed to remain perfectly calm, serene and classy. “Well your opinion is your own,” she said. “Thank you for your feedback.”

THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK? You’re good, girl. You. Are. Good.


Mr Araujo responded, “Maybe Im a superficial asshole.” (You think?) “And maybe Im a self important jerk off whos thinking matter,” (You’re not wrong there, mate) “but yah. There it is.”

There it is. There is what? A practical stranger thinking he has the right to comment on a woman’s body? Someone professing to know how a woman thinks and feels about her body? A man assuming that of course her deepest desire is to date him?

Topacio’s final response was again cool, calm and collected. And also fucking brilliant.

She sent him a photo of herself looking effortlessly sexy in an open-collared white shirt and no pants, eating a big bowl of what appears to be nachos. Delicious, cheesy nachos.

Topacio took to Twitter to share her experience, stating, “So this just happened. I’ve never met this man in person but he sure felt comfortable enough to share. .” She was, needless to say, flooded with support.

“That guy is a royal gigantic asshole – that’s me being ‘nice’. You are beautiful! Your response = ,” said one follower.  “I now understand that phrase “I can’t even” because I cannot even begin to even,” said another. Literally can’t even.

Now that she has become a viral sensation it is good to see, Topacio is holding on firmly to her sensational sass.

I could never be that cool. What’s the best comeback you have ever dished out?