The creepy email that shows exactly what a stalker looks like.

So many red flags here.

Alex began working at a new job. On his way to the office kitchen, he’d bumped into a female colleague, Julia, a few times. Maybe gave her a head nod by way of greeting. Possibly asked how she was going. It was all very innocent.

Little did Alex know that another male colleague had been watching their exchanges from afar. And he decided to write Alex an email. A very disturbing email.


The email itself was posted on Reddit for all to see and has since gone viral.

As far as the email’s author is concerned Julia is off limits. She is not to be looked at. Or spoken to. According to a very jealous man in the office.

So this is how that went down.

Reddit users have been offering advice to Alex, most agreeing he should forward the email to Julia with a subject line of “what the actual fu*k.”

Our advice would be to discuss it with Julia, forward it to HR immediately and support her to consider her options with respect to reporting the author’s behaviour to police.

Given that one in three women will experience violence in their lifetime, there is no reason to laugh something like this off.

A threatening email is a huge red flag.

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