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A guy thinks he's busted a big myth about period pain. And we don't know where to start.

One very cluey guy on Twitter has finally uncovered the biggest conspiracy of all time – period pain is not real.

Women have been FAKING IT all this time.

This fella has single-handedly unveiled the greatest myth plaguing the human race for centuries.

The guy announced his revelation on Twitter, after he asked erm, the universe, “What is worse than a broken heart?” and a woman replied “Menstrual pain, homelessness, hunger etc”.

He then replied – wait for it – “As a guy, I think menstrual pain is a myth”.

Yep, he’s onto us ladies.

You see, years ago when we were all living in caves, all the women got together and decided to pull the ultimate practical joke on the blokes. We’d take it in turns every month to pretend that we were experiencing abdominal pain.


We passed this tradition down through the generations and even though it started costing us money (pain killers, hot water bottles etc) we kept at it because it was worth it for the LOLs.

Now this one guy could ruin it for all of us.

We’ve not yet confirmed whether this guy is related to the bloke who last week complained to his boss about his colleague having menstrual cramps, but we reckon they’ll probably get together and plot how to take down this centuries-old feminazi regime.

Until then – keep up the good work, ladies.