VIRAL: This son's Xmas gift has his parents (and the Internet) in tears.


What did you get your mum and dad for Christmas? Some socks? A book? A photo of yourself?

Joey Riquelme gave his parents a present this year that was so life-changing that it left his parents (and the entire internet) in tears.

Joey is a software developer. His video editing app for iPhones, Videoshop, has been so successful this year that he was able to pay off his parents’ mortgage for Christmas.

In a video that has gone viral across the world, Joey and his parents are sharing a hug on the couch on Christmas morning. Joey hands his mum an envelope that reads: “Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas – Joe”.

Joey wrote on Facebook, “sometimes the best gifts come in the lamest packages”.

Sometimes the gifts are so great that any kind of packaging is going to be lame.

Watch the joy of this special gift here: