Man loses it on dating app after he's asked about his job.

Sexy singleton Ashley was looking for love or perhaps some idle chit-chat on women-friendly dating app Bumble when she came across a man named Connor.

Conner, sadly, provided her with neither.

After kicking off the conversation with a simple, “How’s it going?” things deteriorated quickly for Ashley and Connor when, lamenting her own slow day at the office, she dared to asking what he did for work. (The nerve of it.)

“Huh?” replied Connor, enraged. “Is that always the first question following your opener?”

Ashley confided it wasn’t, but thought it might be a good conversation starter, apparently she was mistaken.

When Connor accused her of “prying” into his career and using her own job as “a front” to find out if he was a financially viable mate (paraphrasing here) she hit back, explaining she was an “ambitions and successful” woman in her own right.

SRSLY CONNOR? Source: Bumble

And then the tirade:

"I don't have time for entitled, gold-digging wh*res," Connor fumed, insisting he wasn't having a "tantrum".

"I don't fall victim not (sic) prescribe to this neo-liberal, Beyonce, feminist cancer which plagues society and says a guy can't [give] constructive criticism to and call a girl out on her bullsh*t".

He then told her to take her $40,000 a year "account manager job" elsewhere, finishing: "My $300,000 job and Notre Dame finance degree has no use for you".

Oh, Connor. No.

You can read the conversation in full here:


Sadly for Mr Notre Dame Finance Degree, he chose the wrong woman and the wrong platform to expose his fragile masculinity.

You see Bumble is not unlike Tinder, except that it was created by women for women to save them from the unsolicited d*ck pics and misogynistic abuse it's brother app so often provides.

In fact, the most notable difference between the two is on Bumble women have to make the first move.

Anyway, quick--thinking Ashley proceeded to screenshot the conversation and sent it to the app's creators who, unimpressed, informed Connor they were blocking him an open letter, published on their blog.

"Take a seat, because this concept may blow your mind. Women nowadays work. It’s happened over time, we know, but a vast majority of women from our generation have jobs," they write.

"With that in mind — and knowing that Ashley simply mentioned work in the conversation — we can gather that she wasn’t hoping to figure out if your wallet was sizeable enough for her to move into your house and start cooking dinner for you after vacuuming your living room while you clock in a 9 to 5 work day."

"Instead, Ashley was (wait for it, Connor, because this is where things really get interesting), viewing herself as an equal. It might sound crazy, but people connect over the basic routines of life. You know… the weather, working out, grabbing a drink, eating, and working.

"And while you may view this as 'neo-liberal, Beyonce, feminist-cancer,' and rant about the personal wounds you are trying to heal from classic 'entitled gold digging whores,' we are going to keep working."

They signed off, "Never yours, The Bumble Hive #ImWithAshley #LaterConnor" and the world applauded. Later Connor, indeed.

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