Man gets fork stuck in penis. Xray image goes viral.





A man had a fork stuck in his penis for 12 hours whilst trying to please himself sexually. Just let that sink in…

Did someone say holy shitballs ouch?

Thought so.

The 70 year old man from Canberra was taken to Emergency with a 10cm fork stuck up his urethra, which resulted in a very bloody penis. It was so far up there that it could only be seen via xray.

The fork in question was eventually removed using copious amounts of lubrication and forceps (and yes – he was under a general anaesthetic).

Check it out:

Doctors involved said the medical emergency was so rare they decided to publish it in The International Journey of Surgery last month. The article was titled “An unusual Urethral foreign body”.

Lesson from this one kids? Forks are for the kitchen.

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