Queensland man dies after ramming his BMW into ex-girlfriend’s house and setting the home alight.

After driving his car into the home of his ex-girlfriend on Monday evening, Brisbane man Neil De Graaf has died in hospital.

Queensland police have said the 37-year-old man doused his BMW in accelerant and set it alight before crashing into the Brookwater house where his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend, her 48-year-old mother and 18-year-old brother were all hiding in the family bathroom.

Neil De Graaf. Source: Facebook.

Within moments of the crash, the Birchwood Crescent home was engulfed in flames, with one neighbour telling The Courier Mail the heat from the flames could be felt five houses down.

Incredibly, all three members of the family escaped largely unharmed, with De Graaf's ex-girlfriend, who is yet to be named, being treated only for minor burns.

De Graaf's car appeared as his cover photo on Facebook. Source: Facebook.

The Courier Mail also reports that after crashing his car, De Graaf then set himself alight and collapsed on the front lawn within seconds as neighbours rushed to his aid with water and wet towels.

It was not enough to save his life, with De Graaf passing away on Tuesday night.

Two firefighters also suffered minor injuries from falling debris.

qld man crashes into ex-girlfriend's house
De Graaf's car after the fatal crash. Source: Channel 7 News.

While it is not known when the couple broke up or if De Graaf had a history of violent behaviour, Seven News has reported he had sent a series of messages to his ex-girlfriend prior to the attack saying that he has something planned.

Just two days before his fatal decision, De Graaf had posted a message of hope on Facebook, writing, "I'm feeling inspirational, like I'm going to achieve something great this year. I want to share success with those I care about and I want them to be successful too, whatever that looks like for you. Let me know if I can help in anyway, to support you or help you be successful."

qld man crashes into ex-girlfriend's house
The Brookwater home following the crash. Source: Channel 7 News.

Queensland Police's Detective Acting Inspector Heath McQueen told media the family are lucky to be alive.

"It was very lucky that they've only suffered minor injuries, given the gravity of the situation and the possible intent of the person that was involved," McQueen said.

If you or anyone you know has information on this case, contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.