Dorothy lay dying in a burning truck. As others took photos, only one man rushed to help.

On April 23, 25-year-old Dorothy Marko crashed her truck into a tree on a highway in Oklahoma.

Shortly after the accident, her vehicle was engulfed in flames and she was trapped inside. While passersby stopped to watch the horror unfold and take photos of Dorothy’s burning car, only one person rushed to help her.

As she lay dying, only one person rushed to Dorothy's aide, while others took pictures. Image via Facebook.

According to KFOR-TV, Dorothy's clothes were burned off in the crash, but she was able to crawl out the back of her truck. It was then a trucker rushed to help her, staying by her side until paramedics arrived.

"He was really upset when Dodi was laying here unconscious he was up by the gravel kicking the dirt saying, 'what's taking them so long, what's taking them so long to get here',” Dorothy's sister, Linda Marko told reporters.

"And screaming 'she's just a baby, she's just a baby'," her mother, Brenda said.

"With all my heart I want to thank him."

Dorothy was flown to a hospital, but she later died from her injuries. She leaves behind two young children, aged just five and eight.

Dorothy was a mother of two young children. Image via Facebook.

"I'm hoping he made her feel comfortable for those last couple moments, I'm hoping that he eased her mind a little bit so she didn't have to go alone," Linda said.

After reaching out to the man, the family have managed to identify the kind stranger who stopped to comfort Dorothy.

Darrell Cloyd comforted Dorothy in her final moments. Image vi KXII-TV.

Darrell Cloyd, a truck driver from Ohio, told KXII it was only by chance he found the crash site: he had taken a wrong turn and ended up on the highway by mistake.

The family has called Darrell their "guardian angel", and hope to meet and thank him in person the next time he is driving through Oklahoma.