Whoever runs the Domino's Twitter feed is WINNING at life.

When you run a social media platform for a company, you are bound to come across some slightly crazy types. It’s just par for the course. Hundreds of people are tweeting at you, Facebooking you, Instagramming you and whatever-the-latest-thing-is-ing  at you all day.

If they’re not being violent or threatening, you usually just ignore and move on.

But someone must have been pretty bored at Domino’s Pizza recently, because not only did they respond to this (almost certainly pranking) person on Twitter, they did it with hilarious aplomb.

Because, let’s be honest, when someone’s telling you they burnt their, um, penis, after making love to a pizza, there’s only so many ways the conversation can go.

This is probably the best way:


Nailed it, Domino’s. Nailed it.