Drunk man in undies breaks into house. Eats all the chips.


Some times you just really want chips, ok?

Many of you will have had that feeling. It’s late at night, you’ve imbibed a little bit too enthusiastically and all you want is to get your hands on the saltiest snack possible.

That’s exactly what happened to this guy, only- when he realised he was chip-less, he didn’t pop down to 7-11. Oh, no.

The Indy Channel report, Andrew Wozniak from Indiana, USA, BROKE IN TO SOMEONE’S HOUSE. The home owner called the police at around three o’clock in the morning, after he awoke from sleeping on the couch to find the 19-year-old standing in nothing but his boxers and hoeing into a packet of chips.

The resident told police the intruder was incoherent. He was later found wondering the streets (still in his boxers) and was apprehended.

Wozniak allegedly told police he had not been drinking, despite blowing 0.106 on a portable breath tester. In transit to Johnson Country Jail he allegedly threatened his arresting officer, stating he was going to get his name “out to his boys.”

The chip thief was then taken to hospital where he also threatened and yelled profanities at doctors.

Huffington Post report that in transit to Johnson County Jail, Wozniak has been charged with “residential entry, disorderly conduct, possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor and intimidation.”

You can watch the full news report below.


How far would you go to calm those late night cravings?

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