This man has two penises. And he's written a book to answer ALL our questions.



We’re not sure if you remember (of course you remember) but in January this year we discovered a man with two penises.

Yes, you read that right. A man with TWO PENISES actually exists.

And now “Double Dick Dude” – sorry, actually officially known as Diphallic Dude – has written a book.

Why wasn’t this in our stocking?

If you don’t remember him, here’s a quick recap: A man in the US was born with two penises.

He went on Reddit and did an AMA session (‘Ask Me Anything’) and answered everybody’s questions – of which there were about 17, 000.

We broke it down for you here.

He explained that he has a condition called Diphallia – a very rare condition where a male is born with two penises. He told everyone that both are functional. He was proud to say that he uses both during sex (sometimes in the same hole at the same time). He also disclosed that he’s bisexual and both men and women have been able to, um, take both at once.


And now this dude has written a book – it’s called Double Header: My life with two penises. And it answers ALL of the questions you have.

So pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea and get ready. Here are some extracts from his book, available on Amazon :

When I ‘came out’ to the world on Reddit, I had no idea anyone would really care that much about me. When you’ve had two dicks your whole life, it’s not a big shock. Fascination about my double dicks is one thing. However it’s the wave of acceptance for being myself that inspired me to write this book.

On growing up…

Puberty came and I noticed that my right dick was growing a bit bigger than my left one. Up to that point they had been relatively equal in size. I also was having wet dreams very early.

On the first time he showed a friend…

Before I realised what I was doing, both my dicks were out, right there in the truck.

“Daaaaamn,” he sort of whispered as he leaned over and stared down at them.

On losing his virginity…

I laid there staring up at the almost night sky when suddenly I felt her hands trailing down below my waist. Before I could say anything she noticed. I froze up and held my breath. She would be the first person to ever see them that wasn’t a doctor or my parents. She didn’t react really. She smiled and seemed amused.

I lost my virginity.

On being famous:

“I still have the same life and still do the same things. I’m just now more aware that the guy or girl standing next to me at the grocery store might have seen my penises. That is the big difference.”

Now, in case you need more information (who doesn’t?) here are the pictures you need want to see.

Obviously, these photos are extremely NSFW, but you can click here to see the penises flacid and click here to see them fully erect.

We know it’s late and everything, but Merry Christmas, everyone.

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