"My sister was publicly shamed by Michael Buble."

In case you’ve been busy doing anything other than stalking the comment section of a Mamamia article, published at 1am this morning, allow us to fill you in.

The article, entitled “The most popular ‘first dance’ songs have been released and…they suck“, was published on Facebook along with the line “We need to talk about Michael Buble”.

The author was Clare Stephens.

Who, I am ashamed to say, is my twin sister.

Now, I’ve spent my whole life trying to ‘own’ her. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that Michael Buble himself would deliver a put-down better than anything I could ever come up with.

But alas, a hard-working Mamamia editor came across this comment whilst scrolling through her Facebook feed this morning.

Oh yep, a relatively normal looking article. A few likes. A few comments…

Oh, what's that I see?
Is that...is that the real...?

THE Michael Buble took a jab at my twin sister on Facebook and it's the best day of my whole entire life.

WE LOVE YOU. Image via Giphy.

Clare wrote in her article:

I actually feel really bad making fun of this one, because a couple very close to me chose this as their first dance song. And at the time, it was perfect.

But as Ron Burgundy says, 'The times, they are a-changin,' and I feel like we've moved on from Bublé.

Ever since he did a Christmas album, I haven't seen him in the same way. And is 'Everything' a little cliché?


Actually nah scrap that, this is still cute.

Oh. I'm sorry. Where's your Christmas album, Clare? How's that going for you?

Too little too late. You tried to burn Buble, and he burned you right back. Twice as hard.

We reached out to Clare for comment (by shouting across the office) and she responded by saying  "Omg I'm so embarrassed".

Well, that's what you get for messing with Michael goddamn Buble.

Good try, Clare. Image via Giphy.

We would like to retract Clare Stephens' Buble remarks, apologise for her uncalled for behavior and say that we bloody loved that Christmas album.

It has really stood the test of time.

And, just to show that we really stand by this story, here are all the other reasons why we are fans of Michael Buble.

  1. He has a very cute family who we regularly stalk on Instagram.

         2. His beautiful puppy dog eyes AND his smile.

THOSE EYES. Image via Getty.

         3. He's from Canada. And everyone likes Canada.

         4. Oprah is a fan. Obviously.

         5. He is the kind of guy your mum would really like. And your grandma. 


So Michael Buble, you have earned our undying affection.

Honestly, if you're interested in Clare's job, I'm happy for you to take it (Note: I have not discussed this with my boss. But after today, I'm pretty sure she will be ok with it).

We shall continue to play your killer tunes at all of our weddings.

But most of all - thank you, so very much, for absolutely making my day.