Open Post: What's on your mind?

The Mamamia Team getting their ‘model’ on.

There are some days at Mamamia that are just like some people imagine. Film crews. Trying on clothes. Putting on make-up. Crazy chaos. The vast majority of days are not like this. They are more like any other workplace. Group emails about the kitchen being a pigsty. Couriers coming and going. Trips to get mail and coffee and sandwiches. Bitching about the internet being slow or the printer being broken AGAIN.

But on Monday this week, it was perhaps the trippiest day we’ve ever had at Mamamia. We launched our shopping site and A Current Affair came to do a story on it. Which meant we called in every available Mamamia staff member and intern as well as Mia’s children and their friends to model clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that are being sold here on

And Harry, the office dog-mascot was thrown into the mix because hell, why not.

It was all hands on deck. Ring-leader of the circus was Mamamia Shopping editor, the unflappable Jasmine Garnsworthy who had worked tirelessly along with our tech and shopping team for weeks to get the site up and ready.

As Jasmine directed traffic, putting outfits together and making sure we were accurately reflecting Mamamia Shopping’s mantra: ALL SIZES, ALL PRICES, ALL AGES, there were some hilarious moments.


Like the number of times the phrase “An intern needs your strapless bra – get it off” was shouted across the office as the male members of the MM team ducked for cover.

Here are some of the images as we all got our model on for a couple of bonkers hours before resuming normal transmission:


And here is what went to air on A Current Affair – who were extraordinarily fast, professional and lovely.

To buy any of the items we were wearing for this shoot, you can go here.

And don’t be a stranger – after crashing the site when the story went to air on Monday night (apparently that happens every time A Current Affair does a story about a shopping website because their audience are so big and so responsive), we’ve ironed out the tech hitches and your shopping experience should be hunky dory.

And this is just the beginning – we’re adding more stock every single day. Not to mention the daily flash sales where you can save a motza on fashion and beauty products. Like this awesome deal:

One of the Mamamia Shopping flash sales that is happening. Right. Now. (Run don’t walk.)

Enough from us. What’s been happening in your world? What’s on your mind?