MIA FREEDMAN: 'Mamamia just launched a shopping website and I want to tell you about it'.

Hello Friend,

For some people, their happy place is a beach. Or in nature.

Mine is in a shop. Better still, a lot of shops. Things for me, for my kids, my home, my friends, my fridge, my pantry, my bloke – but mostly me if I’m being honest.

I don’t mind if it’s an actual shop or an online one, I like stuff.

I like to look at it and think about buying it and imagine having it in my life or in my home or on my face or body and sometimes I like to actually buy it. OK, often.

At Mamamia we have always had a very agnostic approach to stuff. We don’t discriminate between high end or low end, fancy or budget – we just like to share the best stuff we can find at the best prices.

So it’s with more than a little bit of excitement and no shortage of enthusiasm that I’m telling you all this because we are launching a very big shopping site full of the best stuff we can find that’s been heavily discounted. All for you. And also me.

Introducing, Mamamia Shopping.

The hardest part about working on this project with the team at Mamamia and our partners at Catch Group was to try not to buy all the things on all the days before we actually launch.

Like Olaplex hair mask which I use on my dry hair in summer. Or a new pair of Asics for my at-home workouts. Or something powered by batteries because it’s Valentine’s Day after all, so why not have a good time with yourself?

Anyway, enough from me. Happy browsing and please, let me know what you think. We created this shopping site for women like you and me and so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mia. xxx