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'When men talk in a baby voice.' 20 women share their honest sex icks.

For the most part, sex is supposed to feel really, really good. 

But what happens when sexy time in the bedroom becomes not so sexy? 

We understand the feeling all too well. In fact, we know that there are moments when sex can give you... the ick.

A sex ick is basically a really intense turnoff that can be either extremely legitimate or an illogical feeling you get when someone does something you just really, er, hate. 

So, we reached out to our community to ask them about their biggest icks in bed. Here's what they had to say.

Sofia, 29.

What is your sex ick? When men talk in a baby voice.    

What happened? I took a REALLY HOT British guy back to my hostel room while travelling in Europe. Just as we started having sex, he said, "Tell me I'm a naughty boy". Because we were in the moment, I thought I misheard him so I asked "what" and he said in a FULL baby voice, "Tell me I'm a naughty boy, mummy". I nearly spewed. I kicked him out instantly and honestly have tried to block the memory from my brain ever since. No baby talk, no mummy or daddy names. It's just gross.

Jess, 23. 

What is your sex ick? Rampant fingering. 

What happened? It's like some men don't realise they need to preheat the oven! I got to a guy's house once, was at the front door saying hello to the dogs, and mid-PECK, he shoved a finger up under my skirt. I think I was still standing on the doormat. Side note: Many men need fingering lessons.

Annie, 51. 

What is your sex ick? Guys that talk like they only just watched a porno. 

What happened? Once a guy was stimulating me with his fingers and then looked me straight in the eyes, licked his fingers and said, "You taste so good".

Clover, 22.

What is your sex ick? Boys who say baby, grunt in my ear, pump too fast, set red lights or "mood music", or when he doesn’t talk at all. (Like, tell me you’re enjoying it at least?)

What happened? I had a one-night stand and walked into such an aesthetically pleasing apartment. It was giving clean boy energy. He smelt nice, had a tidy room, the latest gadgets, and whatnot. After chatting for a bit, we started hooking up and he said, "Hey Google, set the lights to red". It immediately dried me up. 

I tried to put that behind me and focus but then I realised there was music playing. I cannot recall the song that came on, but he said, "Hey Google, play the 'Get Down' playlist" and started going in time with the beat.

I left my BRAND NEW sunglasses there accidentally. I was so icked out; I did not return to get them.

Annika, 26.

What is your sex ick? Men with shirts and no pants/underwear on. 

What happened? This has happened to me a few times but for some reason I can't take it when a guy is nude and puts on his shirt first and is naked from the waist down. I feel grossed out! It just looks so unsexy and I hate it.

Em, 28.

What is your sex ick? I hate it when I'm asked to talk.

What happened? Isn't my beautiful moaning enough? I also have no idea what to say, like, "Hey what's good?" It ruins the moment for me completely and I live in constant fear of it happening every time I sleep with someone new. It happens with 60 per cent of the men I've slept with. When will it end? 

I did have this one guy who wouldn't let up. He would constantly say things like, "Talk to me, tell me what you like, what do you want me to do to you, tell me what you want from me." I felt like I was in a job interview.

Char, 25.

What is your sex ick? When he keeps his socks on.

What happened? Why on earth are you wearing socks in the throngs of pleasure? It makes no sense to me. 

Larni, 42.

What is your sex ick? Arrogant self-praise.

What happened? During sex once, my ex said, "Do you like this hot body f***ing you?" WHAT? The sex and the relationship ended pretty quickly after that. 

Andrea, 51.

What is your sex ick? I was told I was "tight" by a man.

What happened? It's only happened once. A casual encounter. I shudder at the thought.

Liz, 34.

What is your sex ick? Dirty talk.

What happened? A guy I used to hook up with would talk dirty to me in a really high, feminine pitch. He was great in bed - like incredible - but far out, I couldn’t listen to that voice. And the thing is, it only came out in the heat of passion!

Katie, 34.

What is your sex ick? Licking fingers or using saliva as a lubricant. Just don’t.

What happened? I swear every guy I’ve slept with has done this, even my husband. Just grab some lubricant or wait for it to occur naturally. I don’t need to see you spit on your hand or lick your fingers. No, thanks! 

Christine, 31.   

What is your sex ick? Creepy kinks.

What happened? A guy I dated briefly asked me what the craziest thing I’d done in the bedroom was, to which I asked him the same question in return. He said he had once covered his ex-girlfriend in honey and then wrapped her in cling wrap. I left his place pretty quickly and never saw him again. He had slight murder/kidnap vibes. 

Tina, 31.

What is your sex ick? Uncleanliness.

What happened? I just hate gross share house bathrooms with filthy toilets, no loo paper, and beard shavings all over the sink. Major ick!

Sharon, 24. 

What is your sex ick? Aggressive moaning and yelling.

What happened? I had never realised I had the ick until I slept with a guy for the first time and he literally yelped and hollered in bed. I was so confused and kept stopping to ask him if he was okay. He would look at me, confused, and then would start right back up again. He sounded like a hurt animal. It was so off-putting that I had to tell him to shut up to get my rocks off.

Nadia, 34.

What is your sex ick? Bad hygiene.

What happened? I understand forgetting to brush your teeth. I know not everyone has time to wash their hair every single day - believe me, I get it! But if an instant aroma wafts from your downstairs region right when you pull your pants down, there's something amiss there. I had to beg my sexual partner to shower with me. 

Carol, 22. 

What is your sex ick? When they share a wall with their parents.

What happened? My ex-boyfriend (who was 26 years old) had a habit of becoming aroused when his parents were home. (I don't know if it was an accident - but I have to assume it was for my sanity.) It's like he would be loud on purpose. He would be extra aggressive to make sure his bedhead hit the wall and groan loudly and intensely the whole time! 

I had to break it off for other reasons, but it didn't hit me how weird and disturbing that was until I was out of the relationship. A mutual friend who hooked up with him afterwards had the same issue. What's really weird to me is that his parents never complained! 

Sophia, 39.

What is your sex ick? Nose bleeds. 

What happened? I'm not sure why this is so common with me but three sexual partners I've had have all gotten nosebleeds while having sex with me. One was a woman and two were men - and they ALL started bleeding while right above my face. It's creeped me out every time but especially the last time. I just had to walk out on him because I was so confused and annoyed! Do I have a blood-inducing vagina or something?

Melody, 27.

What is your sex ick? Bizarre kinks.

What happened? I try not to knock people's kinks because you like what you like, ya know? But the last guy I slept with put me off men for a while. He told me he liked to hogtie women and then leave them there for hours on end, teasing them and "abusing them" (his words, not mine). He said all of this while we were in bed, right after we'd had sex. I couldn't believe my ears. I had told him I was quite vanilla, and he still came right out with the confession. He then asked if we could try. I never spoke to him again.

Belle, 25.

What is your sex ick? Eating during sex.

What happened? I know it's a pretty popular kink but as a big woman, I've still never tried it despite many men I've dated in the past expressing their interest in feeding me while having sex. One man brought out a cake in the middle of us doing it. I told him he was crazy. 

Sheila, 29.

What is your sex ick? Playing on the phone.

What happened? The biggest blow to my ego by far happened when I was about 23 years old. It was my first time having sex with a woman (as a woman too) and so I guess I wasn't very good. I was going down on her for a solid 20 minutes and when I looked up, she was on her phone "checking an urgent text". I think I cried for a good hour after she left. In case you're wondering, we are very good friends now and apparently, it actually was very urgent!

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