'I don't want kids. Please stop telling me I'm wrong.'

It happened as soon as she got married.

Before the white dress had even been unzipped actually.  Every where she turned, well-meaning people would ask: “When are you having children?” “When are you starting a family?” “When are you popping one out?”

For years she smiled and lied though her teeth. “Maybe soon, maybe soon,” she said.”Maybe we can’t.”

But the truth? She never really wanted them.

This week on the podcast we talk to Shelly Horton. Shelly is childless by choice.  She’s been called a freak because of it, but says the judgement needs to stop: it’s a personal choice:

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Also this episode:

IT’S SMART: Can Hillary Clinton smash the biggest glass ceiling on the planet? Jamila Rizvi gets her thrills from Hills, and boldly campaigns to get us excited about US politics too.

IT’S INTERESTING: Is wearing the same thing to work everyday the VERY BEST IDEA EVER? Yes, Monique says it is. But – surprise – not everyone agrees.  Wardrobe wars erupt.

IT CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER: There is One Very Good Reason you need to stop looking at recipe books and get cooking.  And if you can’t cook, Holly Wainwright has a fail-safe Gwynnie recipe you can try.

AND YOU MAY LAUGH: Because there’s a cauliflower crisis, a starjumping pregnant woman and a tiny bit of dick talk.

Good times.

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They are both excellent listening.