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This week, Mamamia Out Loud (Mamamia’s weekly podcast) looks at claims of alternative medicine curing cancer, the one thing that is nearly breaks up Mia Freedman’s marriage everyday, and how certain people find a household chore so thrilling that they stay in on a Saturday night to do it.

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This week, podcast regular Jamila Rizvi was on TV. Here she is, on a REAL LIFE panel show with other smart people:


She’s big time now. So she abandoned Mia and I for this week’s podcast and Mia and I had to sit and stare at each other and ask the big questions.

Questions like: what’s wrong with advocating a cure for cancer?

The tragic death of ‘The Wellness Warrior’ Jess Aincough last week raised some issues about responsible reporting of alternative medicine.

Why is alternative medicine so maligned? Wasn’t it her personal choice to choose that path? Aren’t we smart enough to know the risks of alternative treatment? And what’s the media’s role in reporting and promoting these health ‘gurus?’




Also, when Mia went for her regular pap-smear, it was business as usual. Legs up in stirrups, doctor making polite small talk… when suddenly it all went very dark.


Mia reveals the one thing that almost breaks up her marriage everyday, there’s binge eating and book snobbery and a considered appraisal of cheaper meat pies and hot chips at footy games.

Plus we play our new game: smug and crap.  And Mia Freedman’s “Crap List” confession is a doozy.

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