Reality Bites: The reality tv shows that Mia Freedman turned down.

We have once again CAST the POD into the stratosphere of the internet of the world for your listening pleasure with Episode 3 of Mamamia Outloud.

This week we’re talking reality tv (Mon has been there, Mia has refused to go there), Rebel Wilson’s age (or lack thereof) and explaining The Pill to your daughter (your NINE year old daughter).

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This week, we’re lifting the bonnet on reality TV: The proliferation of these shows means the odds of you actually BEING on one are higher than ever. So what’s it really like being a contestant? Monique knows. She WAS one.  So why will she never eat another croissant again? Listen to find out, and here is photo evidence that she was a reality TV contestant:

The “journey”. AKA “oh my god what am I doing?”

We also chatted about Rebel Wilson. Rebel, Rebel, your age is a mess. The star of movies such as Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson, is one of our best comedic exports. So this birthday we wanted to send her a card, except we’re not sure how old she is. In fact,  no one knows quite how old she is. Can we get to the bottom of this mystery? And more importantly, why do we have such an extraordinary aversion to ageing?

Her lips are sealed.

Also, when Mia had to explain what the pill was to her nine year old daughter, the question she got back left her speechless. And she is NEVER speechless. This be her face:

Hmmm…how can I put this….

Our final topic was the latest food trend that’s the polar opposite to Pete Evans. And it’s gathering momentum. Listen in on how you can join #dirtyeating.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

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