Exciting news: Mamamia just launched a podcast.







It’s here!

The very first episode of our shiny new podcast, Mamamia Out Loud. We kick off today with The Bachelor Aftermath Episode — and yes, it’s where Rosie finally lets fly all her opinions on The Bach Blake Garvey.

But that’s not all. We talk about whether sexting is the new first base, and how that affects the act of shagging. We get pretty fierce in a debate about celebrity chef Pete Evans and TV presenter Sarah Wilson, and if they have any right to be giving us nutritional advice.

Then, Mia speed-reviews Lena Dunham’s book, Rosie manages to mention sex and vintage Polly Pockets in one sentence, and I obsess over George and Amal Clooney.


If you don’t have iTunes, you can download the audio file directly here.


A few things you might like to know…

Who is the host?

That’d be me, Kate Leaver. I’m a Senior Editor at The Mamamia Digital Network – you may have read my words here before; I write a lot of them. I tend to write about mental health, Beyonce, feminism, politics, and pop culture. I’ve worked in radio before and have dreamed of making a podcast with Mia Freedman for a long time.

Who are the guests?

This week, our very own Rosie Waterland joins us. Mia Freedman will be my regular accomplice in podcasting, which is a serious delight. You’ll hear from Rosie and Mia a lot, but we might change it up and surprise you with a brand new guest some weeks. Stay tuned.

Where do you record it?

Sitting on the floor of our boardroom at Mamamia Headquarters. Like so:

How often is it on?

Every week.

Can we suggest topics for you talk about?

Yes! Please do. We’d love to hear your feedback, what you want us to talk about, who you might like to hear on the show, and anything else constructive. You can email me at, tweet me, or find me on Facebook.