The second episode of the Mamamia podcast is here.






If you listened to the podcast last week, thank you so much.

In just 5 days, we cracked the Top 20 podcasts in Australia, and we are so thrilled.

If you missed the debut episode of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, we’ll chuck in a download link below so you can catch up.

But now!

The second episode of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast is live, and ready for you to eavesdrop on.

This week, host Kate Leaver sits down with Mia Freedman and Holly Wainwright (on the floor of the Mamamia office, to be precise). They’re addressing these hot topics:

Should we expect more from our politicians than Jacqui Lambie is giving us, or is the Tasmanian senator the politician we deserve?

Do we have any right to be disappointed that Amal Alamuddin changed her last name when she married George Clooney?

Have we become too honest about parenting?

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