“I feel so much pressure to be happy. It’s stressing me out."
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How often have you been told to “look on the bright side” or “focus on the good things” when things are a bit shit?

There’s no shortage of self help books, mindfulness apps and motivational posters to propel you down the yellow-brick-road to a happiness rainbow. But is that realistic? Healthy? Achievable? What does happiness mean these days, and where the hell can you find it?

This week on the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, why do we have a cultural obsession with happiness?

Also this week….

We fight it out over Nick Kyrgious. Is the tennis player a dick or just misunderstood?

Clothing related injuries are at a high. Should spanx come with a warning label?

Why the Delta Vs Jessie J “catfight” is pretty offensive, and the case for Jessie J as a feminist icon.

And we ask Mia- were the questions in Dolly Doctor REAL or did the team at Dolly Magazine just sit around sniggering and writing fake letters?

Plus, how much can one person change after having a baby? We catch up with the third member of our pod squad, the self-professed non-maternal-fiesty-super-business-woman Jamila Rizvi.

How is she going with that baby of hers?

Not her husband. The OTHER baby.

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What makes you happy?