Mamamia Out Loud is going on tour. Here's what to expect.

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Everyone calm yourselves because we have a very exciting announcement.

Mamamia Out Loud, the award-winning podcast with what women are talking about, is going on tour. Just like the Dixie Chicks except with less singing and dancing. We promise.

The flagship show on the world’s largest women’s podcast network, Mamamia Out Loud has amassed more than 19 million downloads, over 385 episodes, spanning four years.

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll know Mia Freedman, Holly Wainwright and Jessie Stephens are the friends in your ears, chatting about pelvic floors to politics, dating to what’s good on Netflix, pop culture to work place tension.

But what exactly can I expect from a live show? And should I… bring people who have never listened before? 


And yes you most certainly should. We promise we’ll be on our best behaviour. You don’t need to have ever listened to the show before to get it. We’re very inclusive.

I’ve already seen you guys live. Will it be the same show?

Firstly, thank you for coming.

Secondly, the show will be completely different and fresh.

Are men invited?

Most certainly. They’ll love it.

Will I get to meet the three women I’ve been chatting to for the last few years?

Of course. You can grab a selfie and meet us after the show.

I keep hearing about the ‘Nicole Deal’. What’s that?

For context, every friendship group has a Nicole.


She’s the one who organises everything, deciding when to catch up for dinner, what time, inevitably reminding everyone when they forget, and then ordering for the table once they’re seated.

You can read about the Nicole friendship theory right here.

Point is, Nicoles receive very little thanks for all the hard work they put in, so we’ve decided to implement a Nicole Deal.

If you buy three tickets, you’ll get the fourth (Nicole’s ticket) free. She deserves a goddamn reward.

Where are you going?

Very relevant question.

We’ll be visiting 10 Aussie cities.

Melbourne, Malthouse Theatre, Thursday 25 July

Hobart, Theatre Royal, Wednesday 31 July

Brisbane, Brisbane Powerhouse, Thursday 8 August

Perth, Heath Ledger Theatre, Thursday 22 August

Darwin, Studio Theatre, Thursday 29 August

Adelaide, Norwood Concert Hall, Wednesday 4 September

Cairns, Tanks Arts Centre, Wednesday 25 September

Orange, Orange Civic Theatre, Wednesday 16 October

Geelong, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Wednesday 30 October

Sydney, Seymour Centre, Friday 1 November

You can buy tickets to the Mamamia Out Loud Live shows, right here. Can’t wait to see you there!

Thanks to our partner Toyota Kluger for making our Australian tour possible.