Open Post: What's happening in your world?

Jamila and Nat before the I Support Women in Sport Awards ball


Happy Hump Day everyone.

We’re officially halfway through the working week and Friday afternoon is firmly within view.

On Wednesdays at Mamamia, we hold our weekly Open Post. It’s a chance for those of us on the editorial team to take a break and hand the reins over to you.

Instead of us picking the topic, you can chat about whatever you want; tell us what’s happening in your world.

Last night I went along to the I Support Women in Sport Awards with Mamamia’s Health and Fitness Blogger Natalia Hawk. While we love any excuse to get frocked up, it was also an incredibly special night.

Women’s sport still gets woeful recognition by the media and the general public when compared with men. And yet Australia is home to some of the world’s most phenomenal female athletes. It’s one of the reasons Mamamia has launched dedicated weekly coverage of women’s sporting achievements, that runs on our homepage every Saturday.

Spending an evening amongst past and present female sports stars like Stephanie Rice, Liz Ellis, Elyse Perry, Liz Cambage, Layne Beachley and Kelly Cartwright was pretty damn special and inspiring.

Unfortunately it’s also rare.

Most of the time we see women being awarded and celebrated publicly for how their bodies look rather than what their bodies can do. I often leave a fancy function like a ball wishing my skin was more tanned, or my hair sleeker, or my arms more toned, or may waist was slimmer; wishing my body looked different.

But last night I went home recommitting myself to being stronger, fitter and healthier. Speaking with women who throw absolutely everything at their sport makes me anxious to get back on the tennis court, or to shoot some hoops (or in my case, miss some hoops) down at the local school.

A huge congratulations to all of the successful winners, particularly Sportswoman of the Year, Sally Fitzgibbons and the Women’s Health organising team who put on the event, led by the fabulous Felicity Harley.

Flick through some of the red carpet photos from the evening:

Bern Morley

While I’ve got your attention I also have some exciting news! Mamamia formally welcomes a new staff member this week.

The irreverent and funny Bern Morley is someone you will have seen writing for the site for some time now.

This week we officially welcome her as our Parenting Editor. She will be bringing you even more great content each week, particularly on parenting topics and we’re thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Enough from me. What’s been happening in your world?