Open Post: Come and tell us how your week's been.


For those of you who have just jumped aboard the Mamamia bandwagon – we have an ‘Open Post’ every Wednesday. Here, you can tell us what’s made you happy this week or moan and complain to your heart’s content. Just imagine you’re grabbing a glass of wine with your girlfriends (but seriously, stick to your cappuccino for now. It’s nowhere near 5pm and you’re at WORK, woman) and spill.

So what’s on your mind? I’ll go first. My favourite this from the week is THIS. If you’re a female human with two eyes, I can only assume it’s your favourite too:

JON HAMM APPEARED ON SESAME STREET. Don Draper with STUBBLE and Elmo wearing a BERET, TOGETHER. I think my head just exploded.

My least favourite thing this week: we’re about to enter May. And if Wednesday if Hump Day, May is Hump Month (all you purists out there will tell me it should be June but since half of us are taking annual leave then, it doesn’t count.)

The thing with Hump Month is that it’s all a bit dreary.

We have to buy expensive thick leggings for the first time in 12 months, then learn ALL OVER AGAIN that they always rip on the first wear. Bosses are freaking out about the end of financial year.

We bid goodbye to whimsical barbeques and bike rides in the park- in fact, exercise transforms from breezy and incidental (wahoo! It’s Summer and I’m catching some casual waves!) to enormous chores made enjoyable only by their accompanying smugness (I’m jogging AND it’s raining on me? I am just too much).

Over to you. What are your highs and lows of the week?

Also. We have a favour to ask you all, dear readers. And we’ll ask very nicely. We’re looking at launching a new e-book here at Mamamia and we want to gauge your interest in learning more about how to work effectively from home. Would you do it? Do you already do it?

This survey is super short AND if you give us your email address, you’ll also go in the draw to win a quick and dirty $200. Thanks in advance.

Working from home.

Grace Jennings-Edquist is a Melbourne-based emerging journalist and former lawyer whose everyday interests range from women’s rights to viewing an unreasonable amount of sloth pictures. You can follow her on twitter @gracie_je and find some of her other work here.