Watch Mamamia on Sky News Episode 8 right here.

Mamamia on Sky News is now live, watch it here:

Our guests this week are:

From left to right: Simon Thomsen, Kristina Keneally, Bettina Arndt, Sam de Brito

Sam de Brito is an author and columnist. You can find his column, All Men are Liars, here. He’s written several books, including Hello Darkness, The Lost Boys, and No Tattoos Before You’re Thirty. You can find him on Twitter here.

Simon Thomsen is a Daily Telegraph food critic and writer – you can find his website here. You can find him on Twitter here.

Kristina Keneally is the former NSW Premier and current Member for Heffron. You can find her on Twitter here.

Bettina Arndt is a sex therapist and author of The Sex Diaries and What Men Want– you can find her website here.


Mia will also be interviewing Amanda Bishop, who plays Julia Gillard in At Home With Julia. Check out a sneak peek here:

Amongst other things, they’ll also be discussing the execution of Troy Davis in the USA this week, as well as Room to Read (which you can find here – along with Kiva and Opportunity International).

Check back to this post for the full episode of the show, as well as the full interview with Amanda.

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