How Richie separates the fakes from the real deal on The Bachelor.

When our resident TV guru Laura Brodnik went to interview Richie Strahan, he introduced himself with: ‘Hi, my name’s Richie and I like long walks on the beach.’

Aww. Richie certainly hasn’t become any less awkward since he was last on The Bachelorette.

Laura asked Richie whether, while The Bachelor was being filmed, he was worried some of the contestants had ulterior motives. Season after season, we’ve watched as people launch successful careers after getting noticed on reality TV. So surely, when you’re Mr. Bachelor, it crosses your mind that some of your potential love interests might just be there to try to get a spin-off radio gig?

But Richie, naive and glorious as he is, maintains he was “just hoping that everyone would be sweet as pie.”