Mamamia Confessions: The strangest gift a lover has ever given you.

The perfect gift was absolutely going to occur to you in time. You were going to recall that silly thing he mentioned wanting and buy it with time to spare. He’d carefully unwrap it, smile adorably and say, “I can’t believe you remembered!” 

But now it’s his birthday. You’re meeting him in two hours. And you’ve got nothing.

Panic-gifting. It’s a thing. It’s happened to you:

You Google, “Good gift for boyfriend” but shipment on all perfect gifts takes much longer than two hours, which is obviously absurd. Where are the Amazon drones when you need them? Your start scanning your living room for inspiration. A pot plant? A wooden frog? A frying pan? Your house mate’s boxing gloves? 

What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?

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