Mamamia Cares: Bake the world to a better place.

Kate Richie for The Big Cake Bake





The 2013 Red Cross Big Cake Bake Ambassadors have done their duty and baked their favourite cakes and posted it on the official site for all to see.

This month the Big Cake Bake happens right across the country. This fundraising incentive is a fun, delicious and social way to support Red Cross.

In the Ambassador mix are TV personalities Kate Ritchie, Chris Bath and Anna Gare, foodies Maggie Beer, Sammy & Bella Jakubia, Alvin Quah, Adrian Richardson, Poh Ling Yeow, Adriano Zumbo and swimming star Eamon Sullivan.

All have certainly done themselves proud with simple recipes that anyone can bake.

“Big Cake Bake is a deliciously good reason to look forward to August. I’ll be baking my buttery Cinnamon Tea Cake to raise vital donations for disadvantaged people,” notes Kate Ritchie, who has made a return to Summer Bay this season.

Chris Bath has little time to bake with her busy schedule at Channel Seven anchoring Australia’s Sunday NIght. But her son Darcy loves mum’s Orange and Almond Cake with Orange cardamon Sauce.

Anna Gare is also busy with Channel Nine’s Great Australian Bake Off and says: “I’m delighted to be an Ambassador, it’s such a great way to bring your friends and families together over delicious food. And that she would do serving her Dad’s Cumquat Cake to husband Luv Longley (former Australian and NBA player) and her four beautiful children.

On the foodie side My Kitchen Rules winners for 2011 Sammy & Bella go back to their roots and do Amaretti Biscuits that scream for ice cream while Masterchef‘s Pho Ling Yeow surprisingly does a Cherry & Hazelnut Friand.

Eamon Sullivan is a three time Olympian and recognised as one of Australia’s most exciting stars in the pool. Out of the pool he is a cookbook author and owns two cafes in Perth. His Hazelnut Strawberry Meringue Cake is pure – Yum!

Anyone can join in. The official event date is Monday, 26th August 2013, however, to make sure nobody misses out, events can be held anytime, anywhere throughout August.

To participate in Big Cake Bake, hosts must register on the website here. Once registered, participants will be sent a host kit including an information booklet, donation box and posters to promote their event.