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Are you starving for good books to read? Are you forever in need of a killer podcast recommendation for your commute?

The search is over, we’ve got your back!

There is now a one-stop shop for all the best books and podcasts as recommended by us. Head to

From the best shows on the Mamamia Podcast Network to books from our celebrity guests and of course our very own app. (Get it here, or search ‘Mamamia Podcasts’ in your app store.)

Isn't it gorgeous?

You can find all the books by all the authors, hosts and interesting guests we have had on the Mamamia Podcast Network, from Liane Moriarty's best sellers including Big Little Lies, to Richard Fidler's brilliant new novel Ghost Empire.


Books from our podcast guests.

And there's even some of our own in there!


Books from the talented Mamamia family.

And for any Mamamia Book Club fans out there, we haven't forgotten about you. We've rounded up all our reads in one spot, so you can easily find any you missed.

All the Book Club picks.