A thank-you from the Mamamia Team.


Eighty per cent of us are unhappy with the way we look.

Sixty per cent think negatively about our appearance at least once a day.

And a whopping 90 percent of us say that the way we feel about our body has stopped us from doing something in the past 12 months; whether that be going to the beach, having sex or getting our picture taken.

They’re scary stats, aren’t they? Here at Mamamia, we’re hoping to change that.

Over the last six weeks, we’ve been running the Mamamia Body Positive Project in conjunction with Fernwood Fitness. Every week, we’ve set a new challenge for all of you. And every week the Mamamia readers have excelled in creating REAL photos of REAL bodies.

The first week, we asked you to take a photo of your face without any make-up on and share it with us. The second week, we dared you to share the body part that you’ve always covered up – whether it be your arms, your thighs or your midriff. The third week saw you all sending through pictures of the AWESOME things your body can do.

The fourth week – post-baby bodies. Lots of them. All beautiful. All sent through to us. The fifth week resulted in a gallery full of post-exercise faces – all red cheeks and sweat and flushed chests. And, last but not least, the sixth week, where everyone shared the body-shaming comments they wouldn’t let bother them anymore.

To celebrate all of the beautiful pictures that everyone sent through, we’ve put together the below video. Take a look:

Thank to everyone who participated – we really appreciate you taking the time to be a part of the project. Your photos made us smile every single day.

Let’s continue to campaign for more diversity and realism in the way women’s faces and bodies are portrayed in the media.

Because together? We can absolutely make a difference.

x MM Team