Best and Worst: How's your week been?


Happy Friday everyone! It’s the day where Monday madness is a distant memory. It’s also time for Mamamia’s Best and Worst.

We’re all friends here, right? So please share your Best and Worst moments of the week, no matter how big or how small. I’ll kick things off.

Best: I arrived in Sydney from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland last weekend, and I’m here for two weeks as an intensive intern at Mamamia. (Read: Pinch me moment..)

But overall, I am officially in love with Sydney! I heart it all. I would almost buy one of those ‘I LOVE SYDNEY’ printed shirts and wear it with pride. Almost.

I’ve filled up my non-working hours exploring the buzz of the inner city and Circular Quay. I made a beeline to Bondi Beach the second I arrived (I also refused to leave until the sun set. My second degree sunburn was totally worth it).

So Sydneysiders – please share your secrets with me! What else do I have to see and do while I’m here?

Worst: I thought I’d share my funny fail of the week. I have regular funny fails.

Being rather obsessed with looking tanned, I packed my tanning mousse for my Sydney stay (big city = big tan).

However, I conveniently forgot the sheer amount of excess tan that comes off overnight before you get to wash it off in the morning, and the fact I wasn’t the one washing my sheets.

I woke up to no-longer-white hotel sheets that looked like an Oompa Loompa massacre had occurred in room #3134. I am now avoiding the hotel cleaning staff for fear of what they think the marks were…

Disclaimer: I know this might pale (did you see what I did there?) in comparison to other ‘worsts’ and I’m grateful to have been blessed with a week where a tanning fail was my biggest problem.

How was your week?