Best and worst: Come and tell us about your week.

Popcorn cupcakes. Genius.


Welcome to best and worst, the place where we give you a chance to tell us what’s new with you. This is a place to debrief, offer advice, ask questions and tell us what’s on your mind (OMM). I’ll kick things off!

Best: This week I discovered the best food combination ever. (And before I disclose you need to promise not to judge me because it is a little on the less healthy side of life – but wickedly delicious all the same!) This week I combined cupcakes with popcorn! WHAT!?

I know it’s not your usual combination but I will say I am a little bit impressed with myself for managing to make two of my favourite sometimes-foods work so well together… I’m sure it was the salted caramel icing that really did the trick.

Worst: I am now a regular commuter and I’m just going to come out and say it. Commuting. Sucks. I’m really tired all the time and I’ve become a little bit too dependent on coffee. My hours are also varied so my days start as early as 5am and sometimes I’m not home until after 9pm.

I’m assuming that many of you are also regular commuters and would be interested to hear how you stay sane with less sleep and less hours in the day to spend doing regular stuff? Am I doing something wrong?

OMM: James Wright Foley and his family. I still don’t know what to say about this, but as a journalist and a human being I’m devastated.

That’s enough from me. Now over to you – How’s your week been?

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