Best and Worst: What's making and breaking your week?


Hello you perfect human beings, it’s Best and Worst time here at Mamamia.

It’s time to share what has been rocking your socks or popping your balloon this week (and if the thing that has been ‘popping your balloon’ is cumbersome and clichéd metaphors, then I sincerely apologise).

I’ll launch right into it…


Last weekend quite a few members of the Mamamia team participated in the City to Surf, raising money for a number of different charities.

And when I say ‘participated’, I mean ‘walked the entire 14 kilometres, except for a sporadic amount of skipping, the occasional jog, and some pram pushing’.

Call me superficial, but I was also pretty impressed with our matching caps, t-shirts and hoodies (from Joseph Dahdah, master of uniform apparel).

It was a beautiful day, everyone who participated was really community-minded, and there were lots of great live bands playing along the way. One of the absolute best moments was when a brass band started playing Abba’s Mamamia on a bridge, while the Mamamia team danced underneath.


One of the worst moments this week, was undoubtedly hearing about Robin Williams’ death.

So many people grew up watching his movies. We’ve laughed with him, and cried with him. Here are some of his most perfect moments in film.

The Mamamia team got their City 2 Surf uniforms from Joseph Dahdah Uniforms. Contact: Alex Dahdah 02 9319 3420 or email [email protected] for more info: 

That’s enough from me – over to you. What have your best and worst been this week?