Best and Worst: How's your week been?

Welcome to Best and Worst, our weekly space for the Mamamia community to talk about what’s been happening in their lives.

If you’re new to this segment, this is how it works: I’ll kick off the celebrations, debates, bemoaning and queries by sharing the best and worst bits of my week.

And then it’s over to you, friends.


If there’s one thing I love more than anything in the world, it’s chocolate. Especially lots and lots of it.

This week, my Wednesday morning reached Willy Wonka levels of chocolate happiness when I was invited to help celebrate Max Brenner’s 15th birthday with one heck of a big chocolate cake.

mamamia best and worst
The cake Chanel made at the celebration. Image: Supplied.

Essentially, the event involved my chocoholic self, at a chocolate party, in a chocolate bar, scoffing down chocolate — at 9am in the morning. And while it may have been too early for some to indulge in some of Australia’s finest and richest chocolate, it definitely wasn’t too early for me.

In between decorating my own ganache-filled, sprinkled, gummy bear cake and sipping hot chocolate, I even got to meet the founder of Max Brenner Australia, Lilly Haikin.

mamamia best and worst
Intern Chanel with founder of Max Brenner Australia, Lilly Haikin. Image: Supplied.

I think it is fair to say that it was a rather sweet morning (geddit?).

View photos from Max Brenner’s 15th birthday here. Post continues after gallery:


If you’ve had the pleasure of watching the new Pixar classic Inside Out, you’ll be aware the flick presented a variety of body shapes and sizes. While the lead Joy was thin, her counterpart Sadness was a little more curvy and characters Disgust, Fear and Angry had medium and solid builds.

Joy and Sadness.

I thought it was rather impressive that the film displayed a variety of body shapes — so I was disappointed *cough* downright annoyed to hear some critics drumming up controversy this week.

“We get young impressionable girls associating anything but petite figures with unhappiness,” one parent wrote on an online forum, according to the Daily Mail.

Another parent wrote: “Thin, tall and pretty is Joy! Indoctrinate your children.”

Sorry, but I don’t think Pixar was trying to suggest that fatness equals sadness. In fact, I think those parents’ complaints may be the very definition of ‘overthinking things’.

What do you think? And what’s been happening in your world this week?

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