Best and Worst: How was your week?

Hi, Mamamia readers.

As the weekend heads our way so does another instalment of Mamamia’s Best and Worst. For those who are new here, you are in luck as this is my first time, too.

I’m Taylor, and I’m an intern at Mamamia. These were my best and worst bits of the week. What were yours?


With Christmas officially less than a week away my best moment is inevitably Christmas-themed:

After combining all our individual schedules my family and I finally found the time to decorate our Christmas tree. The annual family tradition runs a bit like this:

1. Buy a Christmas tree
2. Spend the next few hours attempting to make the tree stand straight (note: it never will)
3. Put on Santa hats and reindeer ears
4. Put in Christmas-themed $2 store earrings (preferably ones that light up)
5. Blast the Christmas carols
6. Decorate the tree whilst singing loudly and being jolly

Even my old stuffed toys got into the Christmas spirit.


It’s been a week of awful news. But in the interests of lightening the mood, I’m focussing on a very silly, first-world worst.

I came back from the hairdresser sort of looking like a mushroom…

Yep, I got a haircut. A really short one. A really short one that I DID NOT ask for.

I’ve decided hairdressers use the term ‘a trim’ as an opportunity to cut off as much hair as they want. When will I learn!?

So, while chanting to myself “it will grow”, I give to you a photo of me with my super thick, and now much shorter, hair:

Me looking slightly less than impressed by my haircut. 

Do me a favour and make me feel better by sharing with me your haircuts gone wrong. And while you’re at, tell me all about your week!