Pole dancing has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark.

Just when every second nanna, accountant and kindy teacher you meet is espousing the physical benefits of pole dancing, it’s time for blokes to get in on it. How much more mainstream and how much less sexual could this activity get, really? I did a pole dancing class once, no wait, twice.

And it’s bloody hard work. Killed my arms, upper body and abs. Maybe because I don’t have abs and you need them to swing around a pole. Who knew?

From The Washington Post

Meet Tavon Hargett. The 28-year-old Washingtonian has developed a following on YouTube with his homemade pole dancing videos under the name “Jungle Cat.” “Somebody said I looked like a cat jumping up on the pole, so that’s my alter ego,” he says after demonstrating some of his acrobatic spins, holds and inversions.

His hip-hop wardrobe — think high-tops instead of high heels — and preference for a gospel soundtrack are fairly unusual among pole dancers, but it’s Hargett’s gender that makes his skills so remarkable. He first experimented with a pole he ordered online. “I got into the athleticism and strength behind it,” he says. What may surprise men the most when they sample pole dancing is that they’re probably pretty good at it. “

Have you ever done the pole thing? Thoughts? Can you imagine the blokes you know getting jiggy with a pole any time soon?