Meet the new wave of "celebrity male feminists".


Some people think “feminism” is such a dirty word.

But not a dirty word because what it stands for is wrong. It is a dirty word because it has been dragged through the cultural mud for years.

It has been incorrectly platformed as a movement run by white heterosexual women. It has been incorrectly associated with radical beliefs.

It has been a label that even our female leaders, Julie Bishop and Michaela Cash refuse to champion.

And it has been used as an insult more times than I can count.

Listen to academic Susan Carland describe what it’s like to be Muslim feminist. 

Feminism is not a bad word. It stands for the movement of people who believe women should be treated on equal grounds as men.

Those who believe women should have equal pay, equal access to opportunity and equal treatment in the public eye.

John Legend performing at Chime For Change - a global campaign for girls' and women's empowerment.(Source: Getty Images.)

Feminism is not just a word for women. Men can be feminists. Many good men are.

The video playing above captures some of our favourite men who have spoken about the issue publicly. Men who have worn the label with pride.

Male feminists: John Legend, Aziz Ansari, Prince Harry and Barack Obama.

Let's hope the words of these cultural, social and political leaders help other men, women and Australian politicians change how they feel about a simple word.