Malcolm Turnbull asked his wife, Lucy, if he should introduce a parliamentary 'sex ban'.

Malcolm Turnbull has revealed that he went to the highest authority before instituting his parliamentary ‘sex ban’ – his wife, Lucy.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, the Prime Minister revealed he’d consulted with his wife of 38 years before making the decision.

Image: 60 Minutes.

"She, Lucy, absolutely agrees, and I mean, who would disagree? Do we think it’s a good idea for ministers to have sexual relations with their staff? No? Well, why don’t we just say so?" he said.

"We're a team. Lucy and me... we are just a very tight team," the Prime Minister said of his spouse.  "It's good to take counsel with your life partner."

Listen: "Kate Langbroek is right, sleeping with a married man is a sh*tty thing to do." Post continues. 

He went on to explain that as of February 15, sex between parliamentary co-workers is banned regardless of the scenario.

"I don’t care if the ministers are married or whether they are single. The minister can be the most eligible bachelor or young woman in the country and be absolutely free in terms of who they can have relations with, but if they’re a minister in my government, they cannot have sexual relations with their staff," Turnbull said.