This footage of Malcolm Turnbull trying to shoot a basketball has made our Sunday.

There are a lot of things in this world Malcolm Turnbull is quite good at.

In fact, there are few things in this world he has proved to be actively bad at.

That was, of course, until he picked up a basketball in front of a packed Perth stadium, perched it with one hand on his shoulder, and shot it at a hoop with little force, terrible aim and a lack of total co-ordination. (You can watch the video above – at your own risk).

Oh yes, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as been caught trying to shoot hoops in footage that makes my eight-year-old netball skills impressive.

In WA to announce a $100 million nationwide tax incentive to encourage mining exploration, Turnbull has proved he should do two things as of right now:

Steer clear of round, sporting items and stick to politics.