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Malcolm Naden murdered two women. Why have we forgotten them?

Last night A Current Affair presented an exclusive story on one-time Australia’s most wanted fugitive Malcolm Naden.

In 2013 Naden was convicted of murdering Lateesha Nolan and Kristy Scholes – two young, Indigenous women from the regional city of Dubbo in NSW.

Throughout the Channel 9 program an actor playing the role of Naden read out the convicted murderer’s lengthy, poetic confession of his crimes.

“Poor Lateesha didn’t even seen it coming. She didn’t know death was travelling with us and that it would take her that night. I still can’t believe it. This really is the first time I’ve had to think about it. I don’t dwell on it much, probably just as well. I wish I could feel some sort of emotion. I can’t,” Naden wrote.

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Like many victims of crime, Kristy's (left) and Lateesha's (right) stories have been lost. Image supplied.

"I sat in the back briefly just looking at her. She was so peaceful, so quiet, so empty. I've never seen a body so relaxed, not even in sleep. She'd crossed from life to death in an instant."

The reading of Naden's 25 page confession letter was interspersed with snippets of interviews from the detectives who worked the case.

The ACA segment followed Naden's story from his childhood through to the murders, to his seven years on the run, to his eventual capture and conviction for his crimes.

Malcolm was portrayed as a soulful Ned Kelly-esque fugitive who managed to live off the land and allude the police for years.


But there was something very important missing from ACA's coverage of Naden's case. His victims.

A promo for the ACA segment.

We weren't really told the story of these two young women who were brutally ripped from their normal lives and murdered by Naden.

We didn't hear much about how Naden dumped their remains without a second thought.

We didn't hear much about how their families are still coping with the loss of their loved ones or how these murders changed the community of Dubbo forever.

We didn't hear from the six children who are now growing up without their mothers.

Mick Peet, the father of Lateesha Nolan, has spoken out on Facebook writing he felt 'sick to the guts'' when he heard that Channel 9 was planning to run the program.

"I was not even notified of this only to learn when it was posted to [Facebook]," Peet wrote.

“As if living everyday without our loved one isn’t hard enough to deal with, let alone having the media shove it in our faces and down our throats yet again! Each and every time it brings everything to the surface again!”.

Lateesha Nolan was Malcolm Naden's cousin. He strangled her to death, dismembered her body and buried her remains next to the Macquarie River.

The 24-year-old was also a mother to four young children. She was someone's daughter, someone's cousin, someone's neighbour.

Kristy Scholes, also twenty four, was the partner of Naden's cousin. She was also the mother of two young children. She was someone's grandchild, someone's sister, someone's best mate.

Missing Persons on Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee. 

Like many victims of crime, Lateesha's and Kristy's stories have been lost.

The stories of these young women's lives and how their deaths effected their community, have been swept aside in our thirst for true crime stories, in our quest for ratings, in our obsession for using murder as entertainment.

The most important part of murderer Malcolm Naden's story should always be the names Lateesha Nolan and Kristy Scholes.

Not the myth of Malcolm Naden and what he thinks about murdering two human beings.

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