All the famous faces who once appeared on Malcolm in the Middle.

When Malcolm in the Middle first aired in January 2000, the world was a very different place. John Howard was prime minister, Sydney was hosting the Olympics, and many of the faces who are now well-known in Hollywood were only just beginning their careers.

A number of those faces appeared in the family sitcom – as guest stars or in recurring roles.

Here are some of the most well-known people who you completely forgot were in Malcolm in the Middle.

Hayden Panettiere

Starring as the manipulative babysitter, Jessica, Hayden Panettiere appeared on Malcolm in the Middle between 2003-2005. She was hired by Hal when Lois was gone, and while she always clashed with Reese and Dewey, she had a love-hate relationship with Malcolm.

Emma Stone

In 2007, Emma Stone appeared in one episode in Malcolm in the Middle’s final season. She played ‘Diane’, one girl in a group who bully Reese. Lois decides she’s going to avenge her son’s bullies, so personally targets them.

There is a glorious scene where Lois tears the heads off Diane’s dolls and hides them in her locker for her to find.

Image via Fox.

Dakota Fanning

In 2001, Dakota Fanning played a seven-year-old girl who stared at Reese and then bit him when he asked what she was looking at.

Good times.

Susan Sarandon

In 2002, Susan Sarandon played Meg, a co-worker of Hal's. Lois gets stuck in a seemingly never-ending conversation with her about her husband and his poor communication, while simultaneously trying to stop Dewey from eating lollies because they make him go crazy.

Heidi Klum

In 2002, Klum appeared as a toothless hockey player in an episode where Francis joins an all girls hockey team.

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In the years since Malcolm in the Middle, both the main cast and many of the guest stars have gone on to have brilliant careers in TV and film. Who could have guessed that Bryan Cranston would go on to be a very convincing drug lord in Breaking Bad, or that Hayden Panettiere would play the supremely talented Juliette Barnes on Nashville, or that Emma Stone would be one of Hollywood's leading women?

One thing's for sure - we're feeling very old right about now.