Making new mum friends. Like dating without the sex.

Who ever would have thought a playground could be intimidating. Welcome to the life of a new mother.

It’s around 11am and you’ve only just left the house. You got the damn pram out of the car and the baby bag is over your shoulder. Every available nook and cranny is loaded with stuff that you think you need. Which, lets be honest is WAY too much. Oh, and you’re also wearing pants. (Hang on, yep. Best check that one).

You lock the car and walk towards the big, green, open space. Wow, there really are OTHER people. And they’re grown up. And they’re all friends. With each other…

So unless you want to spend the next hour sitting on a park bench munching on a baby rusk  – talking to someone who can’t yet talk – you’re going to have to suck it up and try to make friends.


But how do you make it work in the real world? You tell us.

Are you a new mum? Have you found it hard to make new friends? Got any tips for breaking the ice?