This beauty blogger just applied her makeup with a tampon. Yes, really.

Sick of forking out the big bucks to “invest” in makeup brushes and sponges?

Then you’ll be happy to hear you can stop – there really is no need to use designated tools for a flawless finish.

Just use tampons.

A beauty blogger is the latest to show us that a household object you wouldn’t normally put anywhere near your face is perfect for applying makeup.

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Los Angeles-based beauty guru Ashley Blue DeFrancesco demonstrated how easy it is to apply her foundation using a tampon in a recent Instagram post.

Perfect for when you need a quick touch up in a nightclub bathroom at 3am. Just pop your $2 into the vending machine and voilà – a great sponge substitute.

Tampon or beauty blender YOU DECIDE ???? lol I think we know what we like more. Laugh at this!

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Okay, you got us. This isn’t really a clever hack, but a parody of beauty bloggers who showed us how to apply makeup using a condom.

“Tampon or beauty blender YOU DECIDE. I think we know what we like more. Laugh at this!” Ashley captioned the video.

Ashley tests the tampon out. (Image via Instagram/ashleybluedef.)

Like Cosmopolitan writer Brooke Shunatona before her, who used a silicone bra insert to apply her makeup, DeFrancesco concluded that a beauty blender is still the best way to go.

Frankly, we were hoping she was serious. Our eyelash curlers already freak men out, imagine whipping out a tampon next time you're applying makeup at a guy's place.