Zoe Foster Blake has discovered the makeup holy-grail for covering up cold sores.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged by cold sore sufferers everywhere that on the day you’re required to do something important, you will wake up with a great big cold sore.

Presentation, wedding, first date, birthday – lock it in and the tingling is imminent. Fortunately, you don’t have to hide under the covers or walk around with your hand conveniently covering your lip all day – Zoe Foster-Blake has uncovered the only product you need to, ahem, cover it up.

We saw #Matildainoz last night and it was friggen awesome. Trunchbull is as gloriously vile as you’d hope, and Matilda proportionally delightful. Since it was a premiere, I had to do my face all nice. I used some of my new Tarte makeup, (now that we have a @sephoraaus in Melbourne, these things are possible) a brand that mags like Allure froth over, and who I rate for making professional quality cosmetics that are cruelty- and nasty-free. I feel like @tartecosmetics and @gotoskincare would be good mates. Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in namaste was the standout. A liquid lipstick in that elusive perfect pinky-nudey-almondy-beigey nude that you can apply direct from the applicator and get great precision, and is matte without making your lips look dead. (I applied lip balm 10 mins before I used it; I’m no dangus.) Since I secretly like the look of Kylie Jenner’s lipkit but there’s no chance I’m doing all that extreme lip lining bullshit, I felt like I snuck in the subtle creamy-matte-nude side door with this, and I liked it. Fun/gross fact: Matte liquid lipsticks are the BEST thing to have in your kit if you suffer from cold sores. In a dark, deep red if possible.

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Time to go lipstick shopping.


Doing up her makeup for an eventFoster-Blake swapped her gloss for Tarte’s  Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint ($29). The chosen colour? An “elusive perfect pinky-nudey-almond nude” colour that is gloriously matte, without making lips look dull, dead or dry as the Sahara Desert.

But what’s even more exciting (and seriously, finding the perfect nude lipstick is a major life achievement unlocked) is her little note at the end of her post.

Because not only did it turn out to be a favourable dupe for the look of Kylie Jenner’s highly coveted lipkits but it’s also a makeup bag essential if you’re prone to cold sore breakouts.

Listen: Zoe shares her other best beauty tips. Post continues after audio.

“Fun/gross fact: Matte liquid lipsticks are the BEST thing to have in your kit if you suffer from cold sores. In a dark, deep red if possible,” she wrote.

As a long-time cold-time sufferer, I can attest that it seriously works.

The formula of matte liquid lipsticks means they’re long lasting (requiring less applications and reducing the risk of spreading the infection further) and the texture is more forgiving than glossy or shiny lipsticks which offers good camouflage.

What cold sore? Image: Supplied.


While some people classically go for nude and attract attention elsewhere (A smokey eye? Blue mascara?) don't be afraid to go for colour as a clever distraction.

Bright is good, but a darker colour is even better. (Post continues after gallery.)


While you can apply the product direct to the lip (Foster Blake has an excellent and foolproof guide to doing this on her blog) it also works just as well over a cold sore patch which gives you extra protection.

No-one will ever know.

How do you deal with treating and hiding your cold sores?